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Wednesday28 February 2024

IATA Authorized Training Center

Aviation is a wonderful industry. It helps create $3.5 trillion worth of business and supports over 33 million jobs in today’s globalized economy. These jobs provide challenging career openings in an industry that is a generator of prosperity – both material and of the human spirit.

TO REPRESENT, LEAD AND SERVE Well trained, knowledgeable and talented people are the cornerstone of our business. Aviation was built with the skills of people who were passionate about connecting the world. The globalized economy that aviation has helped to build has created a dynamic operating environment. To thrive, airline managements and individual airline professionals must make the right investment decisions continuously to build and reinforce relevant skills and knowledge.

IATA’s Training and Development Institute is focused on meeting the air transport industry’s need for flexible, high-quality training. As the industry’s global association we have an unparalleled track record in expert training in all critical areas of the aviation business.

Moreover, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading educational establishments to augment our general management offerings and ensure that courses are delivered with the latest learning techniques. Comprising the widest possible range of course material with a strong geographical and cultural reach, ITDI training provides rewarding opportunities for every aviation professionals The IATA team looks forward to helping businesses and professionals build stronger career opportunities in the world’s most exciting industry.