MBA – Finance Track

My belief is that a successful entrepreneur needs to combine top-notch skills in managing people with keen insights about managing money in their business. I chose the specialization in Finance to learn how to effectively manage working capital, estimate financial risks, and evaluate or construct a viable financial plan. The Franklin University MBA specialization in Finance focuses on the concerns of the financial industry in today's economy. It offers updated knowledge and theory-to-practice teaching methods which gave me an immediate opportunity to practice my skills.

MBA Alumni (cohort 1), Nassra Hilla Hammad Al Nabhani

The finance specialization track was launched as a direct response to demand from the MBA students. It consists of 3 courses in which you will examine a number of advanced subjects in corporate and global finance as well as in financial markets.

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FINA770 Financial Markets and Institutions
FINA771 Advanced Corporate Finance
FINA773 Global Finances