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Wednesday27 September 2023

MBA – HR Management track

The concentration in Human Resources Management that we teach in the Franklin University MBA Program will give you an opportunity to build your skills to become an effective HR leader. The content of our courses has been designed to prepare you to operate as an HR executive at the most senior levels and play a strategic role in the organization. Today’s HR leaders in companies should influence the strategic planning process to ensure alignment with the institution’s goals and values, while, at the same time, they manage the process to ensure superior outcomes.

Dr. Pemmaraju - HR Professor, Franklin University MBA, MCBS

It is widely agreed that employees are a company's most important asset and a source of competitive advantage - everything else can be replicated. Today's competitive job market requires human resources professionals who can think strategically and retain employees that complement the organizational culture and contribute to organizational growth. Through our Human Resources curriculum, you will enhance your leadership skills, advance your career in the direction of HR and prepare yourself to execute key functions within an HR department.

  • Courses are delivered over a period of 6 months.
  • Specialization is stipulated on the MBA degree diploma.
  • Courses within the concentration in HR may be conducted as guided research projects on a topic chosen by a student under the guidance of a professor from MCBS & Franklin University.

Read the course descriptions:

HRM 770: Managing Human Resource from a Strategic Perspective
HRM 771: Managing Talent to Maintain Performance Standards
HRM 772: Assessing & Meeting Future Leadership Needs