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Saturday18 September 2021

Foundation Courses

The MBA foundation courses can be completed during one semester. It is a well invested time which enables MBA candidates to prepare to study at Master’s level. As one of Professors who deliver those courses, I have observed how participants enhance their communication and critical reasoning skills through class activities and home assignments. Content of courses, thoroughly planned exercises, reading and different class activities crafted to meet students’ needs as well as course requirement, are meant as well to help them to cope with dynamic business environment and make them more acquainted with real life business issues. All this gives more chances to be a successful MBA student

Dr. Anna Stalinska, Course: Organizational Communication

MBA Foundation Courses are offered to help you to prepare for the rigorous courses in the MBA Program itself. It’s just another waywe ensure your success.
After completion of the foundation courses, students are awarded a Certificate in Advanced Management Skills by Franklin University.

Why should you enroll into the MBA Foundation Program:

  • If your GPA is between 2.0 to 2.49
    Upon completion of the certification with an overall GPA of “B” or better and without any grade below “C”, you will be conditionally admitted into the MBA program. The candidate’s work history, references, and other personal qualities and characteristics will be considered as well. Academic Board review will be required.
  • As refresher courses
    For someone who has been out of school for some time the foundation courses offer an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and catch up on advances that have taken place in the different disciplines.
  • As leveling courses
    For students holding non-business undergraduate degrees as leveling courses that put you on even footing with students with undergraduate business degrees.

Duration – 5 to 6 months
Calendar – delivered twice a year, starting in October and February
Mode of studies: 6 week courses
Tuition fee – R.O.1500
Faculty – courses delivered by MCBS faculty
Enrollment – the same regulations as for MBA admissions apply (link)

Program details

BSAD 320: Decision Making and Problem Solving (4 credit hours)
COMM 321: Organizational Communication (4 credit hours)
MGMT 470: Organizational Leadership (4 credit hours)