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Sunday19 September 2021

General MBA

About the MBA Program

The Program has been in existence for more than 20 years now, has been delivered in many locations worldwide, among others in Macedonia, Poland, Ukraine and Oman, where it was first launched in 2012. More than 5,000 students have successfully graduated so far from the Franklin University MBA, among them there are more than 40 alumni from the MBA delivered at MCBS.

By choosing a master’s program from Franklin and MCBS, you benefit from a regionally accredited education that’s recognized around the globe and the Ministry of Higher Education of the Sultanate of Oman.

Organization of studies

From our beginnings in 1902, Franklin University has been focused on helping adult learners effectively manage work, home, and school. We understand the demands of your day-to-day. Franklin University MBA Program delivered at MCBS gives you the freedom to fit your education around your work and personal life.
This is why the classes are scheduled in a mode which makes it easier for working students to be successful:

  • each course delivered over a period of 6 weeks
  • one week break between the courses
  • no weekend classes
  • 5 courses taught by MCBS faculty: a 6 week period, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm, twice a week
  • 5 courses taught by Franklin faculty: a 6 week period inclusive of 2-weeks lecture classes 4 times a week
  • support on the online platform myFranklin
  • General MBA degree in only 16 months


Our courses are reviewed and evaluated by industry leaders and alumni each year. Franklin’s coursework blends long-standing theories and real-world applications together, while bringing in the latest trends, technologies, and processes. The results create relevant applications to current practices you can take directly to work from the start of your program.
The Franklin MBA at MCBS challenges you on a higher level of learning and thinking. This award-winning MBA will channel your talent by providing you with a holistic understanding of business so you can level-up your leadership and pioneer forward in an ever-changing global marketplace. More...

Read course descriptions

MBA 707: MBA Foundations
MBA 711: Business Environment
MBA 723: Managerial Economics
MBA 713: Human Resource Management
MBA 727: International Business Management
MBA 721: Marketing Management
MBA 733: Financial & Managerial Accounting
MBA 731: Operations & Project Management
MBA 737: Corporate Finance
MBA 741: Strategic Management