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Monday04 December 2023

Testimonials - MBA Alumni

As of September 2014 five cohorts started studies at the Franklin University MBA at MCBS, forty students have successfully graduated. You can find out about their experiences with the Franklin University MBA by reading their testimonials


I chose the MCBS - Franklin MBA Program because of its great reputation. In addition to the General MBA courses, I decided to study specialization in finance in order to further enhance my career, and to become more competitive in the job market. The MBA program supported me to acquire more comprehensive knowledge about business and finance. I benefited heavily from professors who have extensive professional and academic experience, as well as from the practical case studies analyzed in groups with class mates.

Qais Nasser Khalaf Al Mafarji, MBA Alumni, Cohort 3


MCBS and Franklin gave me the opportunity to look deep down into myself and discover the hidden abilities, talents, and skills that I possessed. The program allowed me to be more active and act more professional at work and in my personal life. I can say in other words, MBA transformed me into be a better person.

Suheir Hamdan Saif Al Dhowyani, MBA Alumni, cohort 2


My objective in pursuing a Masters in Business Administration was to broaden my knowledge and skills in business. Having possessed a firm background and good expertise in the field of pharmacy, I believed and still believe that my ability to shine and prosper will come when I am able to fulfill my vision of being an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry. There are many benefits to be gained from obtaining an MBA. Among the highest priority for myself, would be the competitive advantage I would attain over my fellow peers.

Hayat Marwan Ghaleb Al Amad, MBA Alumni, cohort 2


When I was younger, I always heard the expression "the light at the end of the tunnel", and I never understood what it stood for. At the time of graduation from the MBA program, I can smile and confirm that the light is shinning bright in my face. At the beginning of the MBA journey, I thought to myself that it's time to quit and give up. I felt that I couldn't do it, I had to juggle between work, home, studies and 2 kids at the age of 5 years and 8 months. Looking back, I can't believe I achieved this with flying colors. Special thanks go out to Allah, then my parents.

Naseeba Saleh Abdullah Al Kindi, MBA Alumni, cohort 2


My belief is that a successful entrepreneur needs to combine top-notch skills in managing people with keen insights about managing money in their business. I chose the Franklin University MBA with specialization in Finance to learn how to effectively manage working capital, estimate financial risks, and evaluate or construct a viable financial plan. The specialization in Finance focuses on the concerns of the financial industry in today's economy. It offers updated knowledge and theory-to-practice teaching methods which gave me an immediate opportunity to practice my skills.

Nassra Hilal Hammad Al Nabhani, MBA Alumni, cohort 1