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Monday04 December 2023

Testimonials - MBA Faculty

For over a century Franklin University has been providing higher education to working adults. Franklin continues this mission in Oman, where, in partnership with the Modern College of Business and Science, its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is offered. Combining both in-class and online instruction, our English language-based MBA is developed in America and delivered by both Franklin and Modern College of Business and Science faculty utilizing a state-of-the-art, proprietary learning management system. We offer an American MBA specifically designed for working professionals in Oman who seek advanced business education. For those seeking additional specialized graduate education to supplement their MBA, we also offer research-based concentration courses in select areas.

Dr. Bruce Campbell – MBA, Program Chair, Franklin University

An MBA program should be treated as an investment in your future which will help you to achieve goals and fulfill aspirations. It is an investment in both respects: time and finance. But it pays off. Students who graduate are empowered with knowledge and skills which enable to boost their careers.

Dr. S.K. Pemmaraju – Director, Center for Graduate & Professional Studies at MCBS

Marketing yourself happens whether you want it or not, whether you are any good at it or not. Your actions, behaviors and choices communicate a massage about you as an employee and as a person, and that message is reinforced with every interaction. Since we cannot then escape the power of self marketing, it is time to take control. There are teachable skills and relevant attributes you can add to yourself to increase your own brand value. Everything centers around differentiation, whether it’s the price, the attributes, the quality. This differences are what we base our purchase decisions on, in a case of personal branding - what employers base hiring decisions on. So, what differentiates you from other people that are applying for the same position or for promotion? One differentiation attribute that employers value is education, specifically an MBA.

Dr. Doug Ross - Chair of Marketing Program, Professor: Course in Marketing Management