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Monday04 December 2023

Course Descriptions

MSBF 6100, Fundamentals of Islamic Financial Regulations
MSBF 6101, Oman/AGCC Islamic Economy
MSBF 6102, Islamic Banking
MSBF 6103, Islamic Accounting and Financial Reporting
MSBF 6104, Advanced Research Methods
MSBF 6105, Strategic Analysis on Islamic Financial Institutions
MSBF 6106, Advanced Financial Management
MSBF 6107, Fund Management in Islamic Institutions
MSBF 6108, Islamic Portfolio Management
MSBF 6109, Current Issues in Global Economics
MSBE 6110, Derivatives & Financial Risk Management
MSBE 6111, Special Topics in Islamic Banking
MSBE 6112, Human Resource Management in Service Sector
MSBE 6113, Oman Banking Regulations and Law, 3
MSBE 6114, Decision Support & Executive Information Systems
MSBF 6900, Research Paper