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Wednesday27 September 2023


The Islamic banking program seeks to promote ideas of prosperous society and economy based on the Islamic ideology of social fairness, ethics and sympathy. Moreover Islamic banking has been created to care for and invest in the communities it serves. Yet, Islamic banking is a commercially viable way of banking, which offers an alternative financial architecture on economic grounds.
The students of Master in Islamic Banking & Finance will be able to stand on par with international scholars in the field of Islamic banking, further the program will assist the students to materialize the demand for experts in Islamic banking and finance industry in Oman.

Abdullah Belhadia - Department of Business & Economics at MCBS


Islamic banking offers an alternative approach to the financial world. It has shown a tremendous growth in the past few years and it is estimated that this rapid growth will continue in the coming years in the world generally, and in GCC in particular. Master in Islamic Banking and Finance provides an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their abilities. The Program will equip them with theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to become part of Sharia complaint corporate world.

Dr. Bashir Ahmad Fida – Department of Business & Economics at MCBS