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Monday04 December 2023

Course Descriptions

ITEC 5310 Information Technology Management
ITEC 5330 Advanced Database Management
ITEC 5335 Analysis in Software Development Methodologies
ITEC 5337 Software Application Development
ITEC 5338 Web Development Application
ITEC 5340 Data Communications & Networks
ITEC 5342 Internet Protocols
ITEC 5343 Wireless Networking
ITEC 5345 Networking Services
ITEC 5346 Network and Internet Security
ITEC 5348 Security Wireless Net
ITEC 5350 Information Security
ITEC 5351 Ethical Hacking and Network Defence
ITEC 5352 Application Security
ITEC 5353 Security Architecture and Control
ITEC 5354 Cryptography and Security Mechanisms
ITEC 5355 Computer Forensics and Investigations
ITEC 5360 Enterprise Resource Planning
ITEC 5363 Business Intelligence
ITEC 5365 ABAP Programming
ITEC 5366 SAP Human Capital management
ITEC 5367 ERP: Customer Relationship Management
ITEC 5370 Project Management
ITEC 5371 Project Management Life Cycle
ITEC 5373 Project Scheduling and Cost Control
ITEC 5375 Project Risk Control and Quality Management
ITEC 5376 Research methods in Computing
ITEC 5377 Agile Project Management
ITEC5379 Internship
ITEC5380 Graduate Seminar
ITEC 5390 Capstone Project