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Monday30 January 2023

Meet on quality higher education on Aug 25

MUSCAT—Oman Daily Observer and Modern College of Business & Science (MCBS) are all set to organise a roundtable conference on “Quality in Oman’s Higher Education” on August 25.
The roundtable, aimed at providing a thorough overview of the issue in question, will take place at the MCBS seminar hall in Bausher.

The event, which is open to all, begins at 11 am and will feature several prominent speakers from a variety of fields, including Dr Tess Goodliffe, Deputy CEO, Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA), Dr Asadullah al Ajmi, Academic Programs Adviser, Ministry of Higher Education, Dr Jassim M. Jaber, Dean, Bayan College, and Shaikh al Qassim bin Mohammed al Harthy, CEO, Polyglot Institute.

The organisers feel that such an event has been long overdue. It assumes because after the establishment of the OAAA as an independent external quality assurance agency in 2010, replacing the Oman Accreditation Council of 2001, much has happened in the accreditation and strategic planning in higher education institutions (HEIs) to encourage continuous improvement in the management of the quality of higher education.

HEIs, known for excellence, play a critical role in society as the powerhouses for economic growth, research, and innovation. They can be a vital part of the government’s long term economic plan to build a more resilient economy and create jobs, says Abdullah bin Salim al Shueili, Editor-in-Chief, Oman Daily Observer.

The Observer-MCBS roundtable seeks to explore how higher education can help transform the lives of individuals and shape our society for the better.
The roundtable participants will present several informed perspectives on the subject of quality in higher education and its significance in providing enviable students’ academic experience and producing graduates with well-rounded personalities and leadership qualities.

Securing a better and brighter future for the Sultanate is, for most part, investing in the skills of the next generation. One way the country is delivering through its Vision 2020, which lays great emphasis on training and empowerment of the citizens thorough higher education. The shift in the concept and role of HEIs as partners in progress continues to gather pace.

These exercises are aimed at achieving the vision of His Majesty the Sultan that says higher education should not only be an instrument for graduating technocrats and intelligentsia and better job prospects, but it should give due importance to inculcate the right personal qualities. In other words, an education that ensures a meaningful and satisfying career by developing graduates as persons so that you can really contribute to the country’s growth. It is about embarking on an interesting and rewarding life.

This means, in future Omani universities should contribute more towards the economy of the country by creating employment, working with industry, providing skills, and driving innovation, thus rising to the challenge of meeting the standards set by leading international centres of education.

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