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Monday30 January 2023

Oman’s tourism — is it heading in the right direction?

Observer Roundtable Conference on

“Oman’s tourism – is it heading in the right direction?”

Was held on September 24 (Wednesday) 11 am, at the Seminar Hall of Modern College of Business and Science. There was an interactive session with the audience.

The roundtable, aimed at providing an overview of the issue in question, will take place at the MCBS seminar hall in Bausher. The event, which is open to all, begins at 11 am and will feature several prominent speakers from a variety of fields, including Badar al Dhuli, Lecturer, Oman Tourism College, Mohammed al Eissa, Communications Manager, Omran, Issa Al Ismaili, Oman World Tourism, Nelly Sander, a Danish freelance journalist, one expert from the Ministry of Tourism and Khalid Abdul Malak, writer and tourism expert.

The organisers said that a round table conference on the tourism sector has been long overdue. Many new developments are taking place from time to time but it is not clear where the tourism sector is heading to and whether it will be effective in generating jobs and expanding opportunities for the SMEs sector...

The Observer-MCBS roundtable seeks to explore how tourism can help advance Oman’s economic diversification programme and yet maintain its age-old values of Arab and religious culture.

The roundtable participants will present several informed perspectives on the subject of tourism and its significance in promoting economic diversification.