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Friday14 May 2021

Marketing, Strategies for Profitable Growth Course

Who Should Attend

The short course, ‘Marketing Strategies for Profitable Growth’ is designed for those directly or indirectly responsible for determining marketing resources and marketing related decisions. The target learners would be senior executives, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals in organizations who are handling both domestic, regional and global marketing activities.
Course description

This course introduces the concept of growth from the marketing view-point. Various emerging marketing strategies such as building and sustaining customer relationships for maintaining profitable growth, designing innovative revenue generation models will be dealt with practical approach. The course contains a hands-on marketing project wherein the learners will collect and analyze real-time data and arrive at decisions related to attaining profitable growth. Key aspects of learning include, including customer acquisition and retention, planning growth in strategic perspective, redesigning marketing mix and STP (segmenting, targeting and positioning) strategies, designing innovative pricing & communication strategies. Cases related to leading marketing practices from across the globe are analyzed as a part of classroom learning. Also are included, strategies related to building and managing product portfolios, strong brands, improving sales and distribution effectiveness, and effectively entering and expanding into new markets.

Learning outcomes

  • Conduct situation analysis based on which profitable growth strategies can be laid-down
  • Develop a broader perspective of profitable growth from marketing view-point
  • Design expansion-oriented product portfolio strategies
  • Understand the role of competitive forces that could hinder profitability of the organization
    Design and develop customer-focused marketing strategies for organizational growth
    Design effective marketing programmes for profitable growth in Omani and GCC markets

Key Topics:

  • Strategic perspective of growth: Vision, mission and strategic goals
  • Situational and environmental analysis: Current conditions in the Omani, GCC and global markets. Analyzing competitive forces that could affect planned growth.
  • Emerging Challenges for Marketers in Oman.
  • Strategies for profitable growth:
    • Designing effective STP strategy.
    • Customer Orientation. Moving from sellers market to buyers market. Customer acquisition and retention.
    • Exploiting Customer and Market Information.
    • Innovative revenue generation models.
    • Redesigning marketing mix for market growth.
    • Utilizing emerging logistics and SCM opportunities for growth.
    • Rebranding for growth.
    • Blue ocean strategy.
  • Developing Effective Marketing Plan.

Teaching methodology/Pedagogy
This short course is designed to be highly experiential and interactive. It comprises of in-class group works and presentations, discussions on case studies, classroom lectures and ends with testing.