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Friday14 May 2021

IATA International Aviation Training Program

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Empowering People and the Industry

The IATA Training and Development Institute (ITDI) is the leading global provider of aviation training. Our internationally recognized programs develop human capital for tomorrow’s air transport industry.

ITDI has innovative, flexible, and cost-effective training solutions. Our diploma programs cover all areas of the aviation industry: air navigation services, airline management and aviation law, airports, aviation security, cargo and dangerous goods regulations, civil aviation management, ground operations, the environment, organization and human performance, quality and airline operations, revenue accounting and control, safety, and travel and tourism.

Our renowned expertise and state-of the-art tools and technology will help you effectively enhance your knowledge and skills. Look to our total training solutions to improve your performance.

The training you need to succeed

Dynamic growth of air travel throughout the world is intensifying demand for airplanes, infrastructure and competent personnel responsible for managing change in response to market      opportunities and challengers.
Whether you’re starting a career in aviation  or seeking management training , you will benefit from our flexible, innovative and cost effective training. From introductory  to more specialized courses including  airport operations, ground handling, safety, security and cabin crew, IATA International Aviation training program will help to achieve your professional goals.   

Operations Training

Airport Operations

Develop a thorough understanding of the issues and challenges in today's airport environment. Explore the role of airports in the modern economy. Understand operational and business functions, the role of key partners in the air transport system, and civil aviation regulatory and security procedures.

Airport Ramp Services

Refresh your knowledge or start your career as a ramp services attendant responsible for providing ground services to an aircraft between flights. The course complements the ISAGO Aircraft Handling and Loading Functional Training Specifications, as well as the Aircraft Handling and Loading Dangerous Goods Training Specifications.

Ground Operations/Station Management

Effectively managing safe, reliable and efficient handling services is a key to success for today’s Station Manager. Explore the issues in a self-handled or outsourced environment. Understand how Service Level Agreements can reduce costs and improve quality; learn about safety management systems, auditing procedures and best practices for occupational safety and fraud prevention.

Commercial Training

Airline Cabin Crew Training

Discover what it takes to excel in this challenging and rewarding career. Course content covers both the human and technical aspects of the job. Learn about aircraft types and crew responsibilities, safety and emergency procedures, as well as handling passenger interaction and customer service issues.

Airline Customer Service

Become the expert that sets your airline apart for service excellence and customer loyalty. Discover new trends in service and loyalty programs; improve communication skills, contact strategies and complaints management; explore cultural awareness issues and stress management techniques.

Airline Marketing

Gain marketing know-how to help your airline exceed customer expectations through product innovation, improved service quality and reliability. Discover how to correctly identify needs, segment your target customers and deliver the right promotional messages to improve customer retention. Explore creative marketing strategies, how to develop concrete plans and accurate measurement metrics.

Introduction to the Airline Industry

Gain a solid understanding of the air transport business, including multi-operational concerns to both airlines and airports. Review industry history, learn the roles of key personnel, understand critical safety and security issues, and the scope of government and regulatory agencies.

Passenger Ground Services

Learn what it takes to work at one of the airline’s industry most visible position and obtain the skills you need to provide assistance and related passenger services at the check-in, gate and concourse of your airport.

Methods of Delivery

The ATC approach

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our network of IATA Authorized Training Centers that will guide you through course material and help you prepare for IATA's exams. ATC classroom sessions offer an enriched learning experience, where group interaction is both educational and highly motivating.